NFT Guild

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NFT Guild consists of 150 skulls in Pink, Blue & multi and is owned by the most prominent members of the NFT community.

NFT Guild

The Project

The skull is what literally hiding out the true identity. The only place that what being perceived as "me" is being created. The brain. The ignition of emotions, thoughts, analysis and decision. The skull is almost the same for each and every human being. Inside, the brain and outside, the skin, are what creates the difference. However, we can learn that not the inside nor the outside, could affect how we see each other. Those who hold a skull are called Families and are the core of this movement.
This set was dropped for ~$11 each without prior announcement. It was sold out in 4 days.
Current list of holders is outlined below.

NFTs are not for investment nor there is any guaranty they hold or gain value over time. Please do your own research when buying a NFT art or collectible. By using this website or acquiring a NFT Guild related item from this website or any marketplace you accept all the risks involved based on your own judgment.